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Watch The Moving Moment A Woman, Deaf Her Whole Life, Hears For The First Time

Joanne Milne can finally listen to music. She can hear her friends laugh and birds chirp and the sound of her own voice.

The 40-year-old woman from Gateshead, England, was born deaf and began losing her vision in her 20s, according to the Journal. She suffers from Usher syndrome, a condition that can result in hearing and vision loss.

Last month, Milne underwent surgery to receive cochlear implants — small devices designed to help deaf people hear. In the video below, when the implants are switched on, Milne hears for the first time in her life. Her friend, Tremayne Crossley, captured the beautiful moment on film.

“I’m so happy,” Milne told the Journal. “Over the last 48 hours hearing someone laughing behind me, the birds twittering and just being with friends… They didn’t have to tap my arm to get my attention which is a massive leap.”