As a Kid, Jessica Cox Was Angry About Her Limitations. Today, She Flies Planes With Her Feet.

Director Nick Spark met Jessica Cox while the 31-year-old woman was in the midst of wedding planning. He therefore expected her to talk about the dress she’d picked out or the cake she’d ordered — typical wedding topics. Instead, she went on about how excited she was that three girls she’d invited — all with limb differences — would get to see that a woman without arms had found love.

Cox was born without her arms, but she’s grown to eliminate the phrase, “I can’t,” from her vocabulary. She’s a Black Belt in Taekwondo, has earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is the first woman to fly a plane with her feet, according to Guinness World Records. Now, she works as a motivational speaker and humanitarian.

“Jessica has committed herself to the idea that ‘disability’ does not mean ‘inability,’” Spark, who’s directed a documentary on Cox, told The Mighty.

That film, “Rightfooted,” follows Cox as she travels from country to country advocating for people with disabilities and inspiring others to challenge their limitations.

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“I can tell you today that if I was given the choice, I wouldn’t want the arms,” Cox says in the documentary’s trailer (below). “Because of the wonderful things I’ve been able to do, [and] the lives I’ve been able to touch.”


Here’s how you can support Jessica Cox and the production of “Rightfooted.”

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