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Brother's Act of Love Helps Sister With Lupus Finish Marathon's Last 12 Miles

With 12 miles to go, Jessie Russell thought the sun would put an end to her Boston Marathon run.

Russell, 26, lives with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease — and sunlight can aggravate its symptoms. But just as Russell was ready to call it a day, her older brother, Jeffrey, who’d been following along to take pictures, stepped in.

“Let me just get an umbrella,” he told her, according to The Boston Globe. He went to a nearby toy store, bought a blue umbrella with cartoon sharks on it and ran the last 12 miles with his sister, all the while protecting her from the sun.

Watch the CBS Boston video below to catch a glimpse of the two running with that shark umbrella and to hear Jessie explain what it all meant to her.

h/t Reddit Uplifting News