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Professor Finds Wildly Fun Way to Bring Mobility to Kids With Disabilities

While Cole Galloway was walking the aisles of Toys ‘R’ Us, he came up with an idea that would prevent kids with cognitive and physical disabilities from ever being left out at playtime.

Galloway, a physical therapy professor and infant behavior expert at the University of Delaware, knew that for toddlers and young children, being mobile is a key part of having fun and building confidence. What if, he thought, those electric racecars in toy stores could be made to cater to a child’s disability? In that moment, the Go Baby Go! project was born.

Galloway’s racecars are designed for children who might not be old enough to use electric wheelchairs, according to NationSwell. In the video above, you can see how he customizes each car for a child’s specific disability. The overall goal is to make these kids feel like kids.

“Fun is key here,” Galloway says on Go Baby Go!’s website. “It unlocks brain development and exploratory drive for the child, and ignites active, engaged play from adults and peers.”

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