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Dad Gives a Moving Inside Look at Raising a Child With Autism

Matt Oakes learns from his 3-year-old son, Liam, all the time.

Liam has autism and verbal apraxia, which prevents him from talking. But each day, without even knowing it, he teaches his parents about perseverance, hard work and love. In the video below from Soul Pancake‘s YouTube series, “The Fatherhood Project,” Oakes talks about his relationship with Liam and what he thinks it means to be a good dad.

“Every day getting up and struggling from morning until you go to bed at night, that’s heroic. Liam’s my hero. I don’t think we need action heroes anymore,” Oakes says in the seven-minute clip. “We have kids like Liam. They can help us walk through life.”

h/t Autism Speaks