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Eden’s Parents Took On Her Rare Diagnosis With Love. Watch How Far It’s Brought Her.

When Eden was a baby, doctors diagnosed her with a rare chromosomal deletion, and suddenly, her parents faced the unknown.

“We didn’t have a lot of information. We didn’t know if she would crawl or walk or talk,” Michelle Nagle, Eden’s mother, told The Mighty. “But we said, ‘Let’s do some therapy and see what we get.’ We’d love her no matter what.”

For the next four years, Eden’s parents, doctors and therapists — and Eden herself — worked to make the young girl as strong as possible. Nagle filmed and photographed their journey to share with friends and family. Recently, she posted a compilation of that footage (below) — including a clip of Eden taking her first unassisted steps in 2012.

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Amy Waddington Photography

“[The video] is kind of like a thank you — to her therapists and to our friends and family who have supported Eden from the beginning,” Nagle told The Mighty. “But it’s also meant to be encouraging —  to anyone, anywhere, going through any type of struggle. I don’t have to know you. Look at our story and think, ‘Don’t give up. Keep fighting.'”