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What Do Eighth Graders Think of Mighty Mondays?

Eighth grade science class at Central Middle School in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jen Bresler, a teacher at Central Middle School in Greenwich, Conn., recently started “Mighty Mondays,” offering eighth graders the opportunity to read or watch a story on and discuss it during class. When asked what they thought of Mighty Mondays, here is how her students responded.

The website is really inspirational! It makes you think twice about treating people differently and let’s you laugh at yourself. Not only did it inspire me but I showed it to my whole family and they loved it! –¬†Polly D’Agostino

They inspire me that a disability can’t take away from what you do in your our life, to believe you can is what makes it all happen.¬†– Hetty¬†McMillan

I enjoy Mighty Mondays because it is a nice reminder of that nothing should hold you back from anything, and all it is is just more of a challenge. It inspired me to make my dreams bigger. – Anna White

I personally like Mighty Mondays because it shows that if all the disadvantaged people portrayed are successful, therefore you can be so too. –¬†Thomas Malavumthitta

I like Mighty Mondays because they make me learn something new and unique everyday. They also have really interesting story’s that are surprising like the girl who can drive a plane with her feet while she has no arms. I also like the other story with the boy who’s amazing at soccer and is in the varsity soccer team even though he only has one leg. That’s why I like the Mighty Mondays. –¬†Jorge Maldonado

I do not like the mighty. I love the mighty Mondays! They are so inspiring and heart warming. Especially, when you see someone following their dream. It basically says, “THINGS AREN’T IMPOSSIBLE”. Many things may say “I’m impossible” but they only say that because they are telling you, “I’m imPOSSIBLE”. Just says Im twice. Haha. That’s why. –¬†Keda Woods-Akins

I like Might¬†Monday¬†because the videos are really cool and interesting. There are so many people that overcome their disabilities and do what they love. –¬†Sarah Stone

I like the mighty because it is inspirational and shows how some people face difficulties much greater than ours. –¬†Mariya Teslya

I enjoy Mighty¬†Monday¬†because it is a good start to our science class¬†on monday¬†and makes me think differently on things like beauty and disabilities. –¬†Nic Del Priore

I like it because it is inspiring and really cool to see people overcome difficulties. –¬†Chloe Porigow

Because they have changed my point of view on the disabled and some of the stories are very heartwarming and sweet. –¬†Tara Ford

I like mighty¬†monday¬†because I it really inspirational and it makes me feel great, because if they can overcome a lot I can overcome things to. –¬†Kyle Woodring

I enjoy watching mighty mondays because it brightens up my¬†monday. It is always so wonderful to hear a happy story about someone who has progressed in a great way or had something great happen to them. Thank you for sharing:) –¬†Delainey Sheehan

I like Mighty Mondays because I like people achieve their dreams even though people say they can’t do it. –¬†Joe Mingione

I like mighty¬†monday¬†because it is really up lifting. –¬†Maggie Kane

I enjoy mighty mondays because they make me feel lucky for what i have and it makes my day to watch how these people are still happy even with disabilities. –¬†Liv DiLascia

I like to watch mighty mondays because they bring joy to my days, make me feel greatful for the way I am, and inspire me to reach my dreams no matter what. –¬†Molly Spaeth

I like Mighty Mondays because, it makes my mondays happier. ¬†Every¬†monday¬†we learn a new story about someone who has a disability, but overcomes it, and does great things in their life. ¬†For example, Jessica Cox was born with out arms, but she didn’t let that stop her from learning how to drive, or fly a plane! –¬†Margaux Vaccari

I like mighty mondays because it shows me people who have had a very hard time in life and tells me that while I have problems, there are other people in the world with much more significant ones. It also shows very nice people who are willing to help people with disabilities or other problems which makes me want to try to do something to help people. –¬†Koh¬†Kobayashi

The reason i like Mighty Mondays is because it shows how you don’t need the quality’s everybody else have to be happy such as seeing or hearing. It also shows that to be happy all you have to do is stay positive and keep a good attitude. Mighty Mondays also shows me that every one is unqiue and special in the there own ways no matter what anybody says.¬†–¬†Mekhi Samb (Note from teacher:¬†This might be the most Mekhi has written for me all year!!)