Photographer Redefines the Boston Marathon’s Finish Line

“Boston is a city of love stories now,” Robert Fogarty writes in a letter to Boston Marathon bombing survivors. “As you heal, know you inspire the rest of us to be better, still.”

Fogarty is founder of Dear World, a photography project that began in 2009 when Fogarty and his team asked New Orleans residents to write “love notes to their city” on their skin. The goal, Fogarty writes on the project’s website, is to tell stories of hope, stories of struggle, and stories of a brighter day.

In February, nearly one year after the Boston Marathon bombing, Forgarty asked survivors to return to the finish line to share their Boston Strong messages with the world.

“I would love for anyone reading these messages to recognize that we’re all going to struggle,” Fogarty told The Mighty. “But here is a group of people who have gone through something that’s brought them together in many ways. Healing is possible.”

Below are just a few of Boston’s Strongest. Visit Dear World’s website to see the entire series. You can follow Dear World on Twitter and like them on Facebook here. 

Celeste Corcoran

Dear World

“That finish line has been a negative space since the marathon,” Corcoran says in a Dear World video. “It was about reclaiming that space in a positive way.”

Sydney Corcoran

Dear World

Dave Fortier

Dear World

Heather Abbott

Dear World

Alyssa and Brittany Loring

Dear World

Elizabeth Bermingham

Dear World

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