Teen With Incurable Cancer Has a Truly Selfless Final Wish

When people ask Stephen Sutton if they can raise money to help pay for his cancer treatment, the 19-year-old from England says, “No, thanks.” He’d rather you donate to help other people with cancer. Even when Sutton thought he was moments away from dying, he asked his 500,000 Facebook fans to continue fundraising for charity.

Sutton, who’s still alive since that “final thumbs up” post, started his Facebook page, Stephen’s story, in January 2013 when he found out his cancer was incurable. He wanted to share his bucket list with the world. Along the way, raising money for others became his passion. So Sutton began fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that supports teenagers battling the disease.

“This is not a sob story,” Sutton says in the video below. “This is Stephen’s story.”

Through JustGiving.com, Sutton has gone on to raise more than £3,000,000 ($5,000,000). On Monday, April 28, the teen took to Facebook again, to thank his supporters and give yet another big thumbs up.

“I feel very fortunate to be here,” he wrote, “and every second alive feels very special!!”

To donate to Teenage Cancer Fund in Sutton’s honor, head here.

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