These People Refuse to Be Defined by Their Biggest Struggles

Steve Rosenfield is used to meeting brave people.

The photographer from Boston, Mass., encounters them every day while he builds a project called, “What I Be,” where subjects put their biggest insecurities in front of Rosenfield’s lens. Some are fighting disease, and some are living with disabilities. Some are going through life with a mental illness, and some are recovering from past traumas. Some are young, and some are old.

But all of these people won’t stand for being labeled by their challenges.

“I just wish we could all understand others better,” Rosenfield, 39, told The Mighty in an email, “and be more kind to each other.”

You can visit Rosenfield’s website to view the entire “What I Be” series, and scroll down to meet a few of his brave subjects.

“I am not my wheelchair.”

Steve Rosenfield photography

“I am not my cystic fibrosis.”

Photo by Ganesh Photography
Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my blindness.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my autism.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my O.C.D.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my insulin pump.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my diagnosis.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my cerebral palsy.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my dis-ease.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my attempt.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography

“I am not my cancer.”

Steve Rosenfield Photography
Steve Rosenfield Photography

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