This Boy Perfectly Explains Why Being Visually Impaired Is Actually No Big Deal

“The only difference between me and you is I’ve got eyesight problems and you can see perfectly,” Theo says in the video below. “Well, some of you can anyway.”

The 10-year-old, who is visually impaired, stars in director David Barnes’ International Emmy Award winning series, “Same But Different” — eight portraits of children in the UK who have “differences, disabilities and medical conditions,” according to its Facebook page.

“Theo’s Story” received particular attention when it was chosen as a “Staff Pick” on Vimeo. Take a look at the short documentary below to see why the only thing that makes Theo stand out is his positive attitude.

“Just because someone can’t see as far as someone else, that doesn’t mean they’re really different,” Jake, Theo’s best friend, explains in the video. “It just means, well, that he’s blind. Yeah. So what?”

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