A Complete Stranger's Incredible Act of Kindness May Dramatically Change This Little Girl's Life

Christy Harding says she’s not sure why she stopped scrolling when she saw 2-year-old Arianna Moore’s picture on her Facebook timeline. But something compelled her to click and read about the little girl in Pine City, Minn., who needed a new kidney.

Arianna has a rare genetic kidney disorder, according to KARE11, which requires her to be on dialysis treatment every night for 10 to 12 hours. When no one in her family was a match for a kidney transplant, her parents made a Facebook page, “ALL4MOORE,” to raise awareness.

Harding, from Jacksonville, Fla., — 1,500 miles away from Arianna — saw that page.

“It said, ‘If you’re Type-O blood, you could be her hero,’ and I thought, I am type O blood,” Harding told First Coast News. She called the Minnesota children’s hospital where Arianna was being treated to see if she was a match. When she found out she was, she emailed Arianna’s mom, Ashley Booth, to let her know she’d be donating a kidney. Harding is heading to Minnesota on Monday, May 5. The transplant will take place two days later.

“It’s so amazing. We haven’t even met her yet,” Booth told ABC. “I cannot wait for next Monday. I don’t know if I’ll be able to let go of her once I hug her.”

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