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Boy Who Had Zero Chance of Survival Finds a Family and a Baseball Team

When you look at 6-year-old Owen Mahan in The Indy Star video below, you’ll notice a few things. You’ll see scars from a 2009 accident that left 98 percent of his body covered in second- and third-degree burns. You’ll see a maroon University of Indianapolis baseball hat that he never takes off. You’ll see his mom, Susan, who, with her husband, Jim, adopted Owen in 2012.

Owen, from Pittsboro, Ind., signed with the University of Indianapolis’ baseball team in February 2014 through TeamIMPACT, an organization that matches kids with life-threatening diseases or injuries with college athletic teams. He even attended an official press conference to sign his contract.

When Owen was 2 years old, he reportedly fell in a fish tank full of boiling water that his biological parents were cleaning. He was originally given “zero chance of survival,” but treatment at Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati saved his life. Today, he’s nothing less than a fighter.

“I hope everyone saw a little boy with an incredible zest for living up here today,” Coach Vaught said after the signing. “We all have a lot to learn from Owen. We all ought to live every day how he lives.”

With the season in full-swing, Owen, better-known by coaches and players as “Big Daddy Jack Rabbit,” is a true part of the team.

“I believe Owen was left here to inspire people,” Susan Mahan told The Indy Star. “To remind us there is good in the world.”

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