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Comedian Debunks the Lie We've All Been Told About Disability

Stella Young says we’ve all been lied to about disability.

“We’ve been sold a lie that disability is a bad thing… and to live with disability makes you exceptional,” the comedian and disability advocate says in her TEDxSydney Talk below. “It’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t make you exceptional.”

Young goes on to discuss the problem with labeling people with disabilities as “extraordinary,” “inspiring,” or “exceptional” — this can objectify a group of people, she says, for another group of people’s sake. Her talk is funny, charming — and extremely important. It’s certainly made us rethink about how we write about people with disabilities.

“Disability doesn’t make you exceptional,” Young says at the end of her speech. “Questioning what you know about it does.”

Watch her nine-minute TEDx talk below. The whole thing is worth your time.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Own work