Couple With Cerebral Palsy Finds an Awesome Way to Get to Prom

Why take a limo to prom when you can arrive in this fashion?

When Kelsie Levad and her boyfriend, AJ Novotny, couldn’t find a vehicle that accommodated wheelchairs to bring them to their pre-prom dinner, the Arvada Fire Department in Arvada, Colo., stepped in.

Firefighters offered to take the teens, who both have cerebral palsy, in a firetruck. Neither AJ, who volunteers at the station every week, nor Kelsey knew the plan until the night of prom. They’d shown up thinking they were just taking pictures in front of the trucks. Afterwards, the Arvada team broke the news.

“It was exciting for all of us to see the joy in his face,” AJ’s para-educator, Dianna Boyer, told TODAY. “They were beside themselves.”

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