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Football Star Comes Through on Promise He Made to Mom When He Was in Third Grade

When Teddy Bridgewater was 9 years old, he promised his mom he’d buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade when he became a professional football player. Thirteen years later, he made good on that promise.

The pink color he chose has more significance now, though, because his mother, Rose Murphy, is a breast cancer survivor — Bridgewater, now 21, almost gave up his college football career at the University of Louisville to be by her side. She insisted he continue to play. Now, Spike Lee has documented their journey in a touching seven-minute documentary, “A #Promise2Rose” (below).   You can skip to the 6:30 mark to see the big surprise.

“Your fight, your courage, it all stands out to me,” Bridgewater tells his mom in the video. “And I just thank you for that. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you’ve made for not only me, but for this entire family.”

Bonus: Last week, Bridgewater was a first-round draft pick by the Minnesota Vikings.