This Boy Is On a Mission to Finish His ‘Wish List’ Before He Loses His Eyesight

“If you were losing your eyesight, what would YOU want to see?”

Heidi Thaden-Pierce asks this question on the Facebook page she and her husband created for their 9-year-old son, Ben, who will soon be completely blind. Ben was born more than four months early, at 23 weeks gestation, according to WFAA. He weighed only 1 pound and 6 ounces, and complications from the early birth have left his eyesight steadily declining.

Now, Ben is on a mission to fulfill his “Wish List” of things to see before everything goes dark. And thanks to his friends, family, community — and complete strangers — he’s starting to get through that list.

He’s been to a farm, the beach, a planetarium and more. He’s even been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fla., thanks to an anonymous sponsor.

Soon, he’ll get to see the Big Apple.

“It does feel pretty urgent to us that we try to get him to as many of these places as quickly as we can,” Ben’s mom tells WFAA in the video below. “But when we look how far he’s come and how many odds he’s overcome and how amazing it is that he’s even here, it gives us hope that maybe we’ll pull off a few more miracles.”

You can view Ben’s wish list here, and visit his Facebook page to follow his journey.

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