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4-Year-Old’s Selfless Make-A-Wish Made a Ton of Sick Kids Happy

Dominic Kerr could have wished for anything his 4-year-old mind could imagine. He could have used his one Make-A-Wish to go to Disney World or meet one of his heroes. Instead, the little boy with leukemia chose to head to the toy store — so he could buy gifts for other sick kids.

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Photo by Kate Buckley
Photo by Kate Buckley

“Dominic wished not for himself but for other children,” regional Make-a-Wish President Judith Stone told KDKA. “He had a memory of coming to Children’s Hospital, and one of the highlights was going to the treasure chest.”

So, Dominic went on a shopping spree at Toys ‘R’ Us and Walmart to buy toys for the patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

When WTAE caught up with the 4-year-old and asked him why he decided to do this, Dominic replied, “Because I want to make other kids happy.”

We’re sure he did.

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