Airline Pulls Off Simply Perfect Father's Day Surprise

“As a dad, I want to help another father out,” Medel Villena, a WestJet customer service agent, says in the video below.

The Canadian airline employee goes on to train as a city worker so a man named Marc Grimard can take off work at Saskatoon Transit for five days to visit his son, Joel, who has been staying at Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton, Alberta, while being treated for a congenital heart condition at Stollery Children’s Hospital. To afford medical costs, Grimard has had to stay home in Saskatoon with his oldest son — about six hours away from his wife, Angela, and Joel.

In the video below, two surprises unfold — first, WestJet employees give Marc Grimard the week off. Then, he surprises Joel. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Bonus: According to WestJet’s YouTube page, for every 100,000 views this video receives (up to 500,000), they will continue to bring together more Ronald McDonald families.

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