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Extreme Athlete Proves How Little His Wheelchair Holds Him Back

Earlier this week, we covered a Brazilian teen who, with groundbreaking technology, stood from his wheelchair and completed the 2014 World Cup’s opening kick. Extraordinary stuff. But that doesn’t mean we think you need to lose your wheelchair to be extraordinary. Take Aaron Fotheringham, for example.

The 22-year-old extreme athlete was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the brain and spine. But his disability hasn’t made him any less extreme. It’s done the opposite, actually.

“You always hear, ‘Ah, he’s in a wheelchair… Oh, he’s confined to his wheelchair,'” Fotheringham told CBS News. “I’m always like, I’m not confined, you know. I’m riding it like a skateboard or a bike. And I love it.”

Watch him in action in the CBS segment below:

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