Beer Genius With Autism Finally Leaves Home to Pursue His Lifelong Dream

For more than 35 years, Lance Rice spent hours studying beer. His photographic memory has helped him become a beer historian whose knowledge on the subject would impress any brewery owner. But Rice’s autism makes it difficult for him to comfortably navigate social situations. Often, he’d prefer not to leave his home. For more than 35 years, he kept his passion from the world.

Until now.


A year ago, Rice’s nephew, Aaron Rice, decided it was about time his uncle toured some of America’s greatest breweries. The trip throughout the Midwest would help Lance Rice finally write a book about the history and culture of American beer. Thanks to the generosity of strangers, Lance’s Brewery Tour extended past the Midwest — in the last year, Rice and Team #BeerAutismHope have visited breweries from California to New York. Now, his journey is being turned into a documentary.

“The idea that this could help someone with autism to relate to the world and to step into the world in a fuller way gives me goosebumps,” Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy says in the trailer below.

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