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Swimming Star Crushes Stereotypes and World Records

Mia Towl knows she looks different than her classmates at Kyffin Elementary School in Flora Way, Colo. The 10-year-old has a form of dwarfism and stands at 39 inches tall.

“It is just who I am,” she explained to KUSA.

It’s true, Mia stands out — for her talent in the pool. She set two swimming world records at the 2013 World Dwarf Games in Michigan.

“[Swimming] just makes me feel free,” she told CBS. “Free from all the bad things that have happened.”

Mia looks to her family and her dog, Kona, whenever she gets picked on at school. She does her best to ignore any negativity.

“She has helped us understand that beauty comes in all packages and sizes,” her dad, Dean Towl, told KUSA. “And she is a wonderful person.”

Watch Mia in action in the video below:

h/t USA Today

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