Teacher Finds Creative Way for Deaf, Blind Soccer Fan to Experience the World Cup

There was no way sign language instructor Hélio Fonseca de Araujo was going to let his friend, Carlos, miss out on rooting for Brazil in this summer’s World Cup.

Carlos, 27, was born deaf and began losing his eyesight when he was 14 and diagnosed with Usher syndrome, according to NBC. So, to “watch” Brazil’s opener against Croatia, he asked Fonseca de Araujo in an email if they could design a replica soccer field — the instructor and another interpreter came through. In the video below, you can see how Fonseca de Araujo guides Carlos’ hands as the game plays out.

“We want him to feel the same sensations that [people who can see and hear] feel,” Fonseca de Araujo told The New York Daily News.

Head to the 10-minute mark to watch Brazil score (and the subsequent happy dances).

h/t Deadspin

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