A Train Conductor’s Sweet Act of Kindness for a Boy With Autism

You could say this act of kindness stopped us in our tracks.

Matthew Mancil, a 12-year-old with autism, loves trains so much that he refers to himself as “train conductor Matthew.” And at the summer camp he attends in Clinton, Utah, he always waves to trains that pass on nearby tracks.

But last Thursday, instead of waving back or honking the horn, a Union Pacific Railroad conductor stopped his train to make Matthew’s day. He even gave the 12-year-old his own safety vest, gloves, sunglasses and lantern.

It may not have been a big deal to him, but it was a big deal to us,” his dad, Aaron, told KSL. “Matthew will always remember this, and he’ll probably be talking about this for the next two or three years.”

Watch the full story in the KSL video below.

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