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Dad Makes 'Rocky'-Themed Video to Show Daughter How He's Fighting Cancer

Just a man and his will to survive.

You’ll hear those famous “Eye of the Tiger” lyrics in the video below, where a man named Darren Mullery runs, punches, lip-syncs and dances his way through his pancreatic cancer treatments. Except Mullery, 39, isn’t “just a man” — he’s a man with friends, family, doctors and his 7-month-old daughter, Noelle, in his ring.

Mullery, who was diagnosed in Augist 2013, made the video below so his daughter will one day see how he chose to face cancer.

“My whole outlook on life changed, and I started trying to look for the positive in every situation,” Mullery told Irish news outlet, The Independent. “Sometimes it’s hard, and I can be a pig to live with, but Noelle is my inspiration and my reason to get out of bed every day.”

We think even Rocky Balboa would be inspired.

“[Darren’s] hope is whoever sees this video and is going through a hard time will get some kind of hope and courage from it and to show them that even in hard times you still keep fighting and have fun when you can,” the video’s description reads. “Even if it helps one person get out of bed to fight another day then the video worked.”

h/t HuffPost Good News

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