Katy Perry’s Beautiful New Video Aims to End a Stigma

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waitress smiling in a restaurant

My Favorite Waitress Brought Me To Tears

The other day my daughter, Lizzy, and I were out to lunch with my parents. I was having so much fun watching her tell our favorite waitress what she wanted to order. “That one,” Lizzy proudly says as she points to the macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. This is the whole reason we’re having [...]

Magazine's Unconventional Cover Star Is Positively Stunning

Courage is beauty, and burn survivor Turia Pitt is one of the most courageous people we know. Three years ago, the 26-year-old Australian was caught in a brushfire while running an ultra-marathon. She underwent 100 surgeries and, though doctors gave her a small chance of survival, she lived. Burns now cover 64 percent of her [...]

To the Author of the Anonymous Note Left on My Car Window

I think I recognize you!  I do… Before becoming a mom, I used to live in your world of black and white — everything in order, in it’s place, I got a plan, got a schedule, a list of finished projects, checked-off checklist and all. How wonderful for you that your life is so structured, [...]

Being Retarded

All around me, people use the word retarded without a second thought. Sometimes, I’ll say “Um, dude, really?” and they’ll say, “Oops, my bad! But really! I was being so retarded!” Sometimes, I let it slide. I realize that it’s a word that’s ingrained in our society’s vocabulary, and people use it without a second [...]