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Music Therapist Turns Dying Children’s Heartbeats Into Beautiful Lullabies

Brian Schreck considers the heartbeat to be the most beautiful sound you can possibly make. It’s a sound the music therapist is working to preserve at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where he’s been recording critically ill patients’ heartbeats and turning them into beautiful lullabies for grieving parents.

“Families in a situation in which their loved one has a serious illness feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness,” Schreck explained on the hospital’s blog. “Giving them something proactive and productive to focus on helps to normalize the situation and gives them a little bit of control.”

In the video below, we meet 14-year-old Dylan Bennett’s family. Dylan passed away in February 2014 — but not before Schreck recorded his heartbeat using a stethoscope microphone.

“I can listen to his heartbeat whenever I choose to,” Dylan’s father, Jeremy, says in the clip. “Just to hear that music, it really got my spirits up, and I needed that.”

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