The Wonderful Way Strangers From Across the World Sent a Lost Doll Back to Its Owner

When a little girl with autism lost her favorite doll, people from all over the world rallied to reunite the two.

On Labor Day of 2013, 6-year-old Delilah was playing in a park in Brooklyn with her favorite doll, Clawdeen, when she generously let another child play with the toy. But when the other child accidentally brought Clawdeen home, Delilah was separated from who she considered her best friend.

Delilah’s mother, Jennifer Smoloff, posted a photo of the doll as part of a Facebook group’s “Photo A Day” challenge, according to her Autism Speaks blogpost. When she later mentioned that the doll was lost, the group’s members — complete strangers — decided to do something incredible.

They bought a new Clawdeen doll and came up with an explanation for where she’d been. Soon after, Delilah learned that a woman in Australia had “found” Clawdeen and was going to send her back to Brooklyn — but not before letting her travel the world a bit first.

The group then started a blog called “Hey There Delilah” that chronicled with photos Clawdeen’s journey back to Delilah’s waiting arms. Along the way, Clawdeen stopped in New Zealand, England, Spain, Finland, Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Wymoing and Oregon before finally reuniting with Delilah on her 7th birthday. Their sweet reunion was captured in the video below.

“The angels of my group designed a loving way to reunite Delilah with her beloved Clawdeen,” Jennifer Smoloff wrote. “Delilah’s dreams have been coming true, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my diva.”

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