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200 Volunteers Fulfill Cancer Patient's Birthday Wish

Two hundred strangers rallied to give a 6-year-old cancer patient the surprise of her life.

Ava Doiron-Frankland of Salem, New Hampshire, was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, according to WHDH. After an intense surgery and radiation treatment, her dad, Jeff Frankland, took her to live at a treatment clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, for two months. While they were away, Ava’s other father, Mike Doiron, got to work on a fantastic surprise.

For her sixth birthday, Ava asked for a swimming pool. To see if there was a way to get a pool installed at cost, Doiron reached out to the followers of “Ava’s Army,” a Facebook group the family set up so people could follow her journey.

Soon after, some 200 volunteers were offering their time, money and skills to help make Ava’s birthday wish come true. Not only did the volunteers install the pool, they built a deck and garden and landscaped the family’s yard to accommodate the addition. They even went as far as to power wash the home.

Ava’s parents foot the bill for the $7,000 above-ground pool. However, volunteers pitched in about $40,000 worth of additional costs, including work and donations, according to The Eagle Tribune. And a local Home Depot store was particularly helpful in getting the pool ready for Ava’s return.

After two weeks of near around-the-clock work, the project was finished in time for a big unveiling party for Ava when she got home. In the video below, the smiling 6-year-old’s first thought was: “First can I put my bathing suit on?”

“It’s crazy,”  Frankland told The Eagle Tribune. “Since this whole thing started, we have been very fortunate to have so many people who just fall in love with Ava.”

Ava’s treatment is ongoing, but thanks to the kindness of hundreds of strangers, her birthday wish came true.

“The end goal for all of this was to see her smile and jump into that pool and make her laugh,” Kurt Auger, one of the 200 volunteers, told WHDH.

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