Airport Mechanic Salutes Veteran Before Fixing His Prosthetic Leg

American Airlines lead mechanic Keith Duffner is used to offering people scissors or tape to help with things like faulty luggage. Last month he had the opportunity to use his skills for something far more important.

Taylor Morris, a quadruple amputee, was going through security at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport when he slipped and twisted his left prosthetic knee out of place. Morris lost his legs, left arm and right hand in 2012 when he stepped on an I.E.D. while serving in Afghanistan, according to Fox News.

The broken prosthetic made it hard for him to walk properly, as seen in a video posted to YouTube. What’s more, the damage came at the beginning of an eight-hour trip. Morris was smart enough to bring the tool he needed to repair his leg, but it was in a bag he’d already checked with the airport. He and his fiancée, Danielle, began asking any employee they could find for the tool they needed but had no luck, Danielle recounted in a blog post.

That’s when Duffner found them. He had a tool that could work on the leg. But before getting down on his knees and fixing the veteran’s prosthetic, he saluted him to thank him for his service.


“It was nice to give something to an individual who gives a lot to his country and his community,” Duffner told Fox5. “It wasn’t much that I did compared to what our military does when they go on a tour. They are away from their families and are in harm’s way for long tours, and some come back injured. And some come back and have a long recovery.

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