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Caregivers' 'No More Chemo' Song Is the Perfectly Silly Way to End a Long, Difficult Journey

It won’t win a Grammy, but it might win your heart.

The staff at Arizona Oncology likes to send patients who finish their treatment off with a fun song they call “No More Chemo.”

In the video below, the staff serenades a patient named Sammy Hain on his last day of chemotherapy. This wasn’t Hain’s first time hearing the song, but it held a special significance as, this time, it marked the end of his long and difficult journey.

“I remember that song was actually one of the first things I experienced at the clinic when I went in,” he told Right This Minute. “There was another lady going out on her last day and I’m, quite honestly, I was very afraid and nervous and I don’t know what’s coming. And then I get this glimpse of what I have coming at me down the road. “

Watch the performance below:

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