Heroic Rescue Caught on Camera

When a man in a wheelchair got stuck in the middle of the road during a heavy thunderstorm, Officer Gil Benitez sprang into action, proving that kindness and courage are not lost concepts.

Earlier this month, Michael Arnold was racing to his home in Fort Myers, Florida, to get out of the heavy storm when his electric wheelchair suddenly stopped working, according to NBC-2. Luckily Arnold’s cellphone still worked, so he called police for help.

When Benitez arrived and got out of his car, a bolt of lightning struck dangerously close. Shaken but determined, the officer managed to push the chair about a block back to Arnold’s home.

A dashboard camera caught the initial rescue on camera (below) — what it didn’t record was Benitez helping Arnold dry off and waiting with him until his family arrived.

“Sir, I am very grateful for your help,” Arnold said, addressing Benitez, to ABC-7. “Thank you.”

Despite the acclaim, Benitez insists he’s not a hero and that he was just doing his job.

ABC-7.com WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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