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How Alzheimer’s Disease Revealed the Strength in This Couple’s Marriage

“I live for my family and my children, and one little glitch is that I have developed Alzheimer’s,” Pam White says in video below. “But it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really change anything, so I don’t feel sad and I don’t feel regret; I feel blessed that I have this wonderful family and a husband who is extraordinarily wonderful.”

The 67-year-old mother of three was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s disease when she was 61, according to a New York Times piece her son, Banker White, wrote. With his wife, producer Anna Finch, White directed “The Genius of Marian” — an “intimate family portrait that explores the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s disease, the power of art and the meaning of family,” according to its website. The powerful except below focuses on Pam and Ed White’s marriage.

“I have made a commitment to this beautiful woman that I will live with her forever,” Ed White says in the clip. “So whatever happens, we’re definitely doing it together.”

Watch the 8-minute excerpt below. “The Genius of Marian” will be broadcast in September on PBS.

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