Mom's Request for Horse Drawings Leads to Life-Changing Surprise for Daughter With Cerebral Palsy

A 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy is now the proud owner of a horse, thanks to the kindness and generosity of complete strangers.

Alexus Lasiter is known by her friends and family as Lex. She has cerebral palsy, kidney problems and a seizure disorder, according to When her condition made her sick for part of the summer, Lex’s mom, Wathena Sievert, looked for a way to cheer her up.

Sievert knew her daughter loved horses and receiving mail. When she discovered that one of the members of a Facebook group her husband runs was an art student named Travis Barker, she politely offered to pay him to draw a horse for Lex and mail it to her. Barker declined payment but gladly made a drawing for Lex.

“At college, anything I create has been critiqued like crazy by the instructors; they point out any mistakes,” he told, “so it could be nice to do something for someone who actually appreciates the art for what it is.”

Barker also reached out to some of his artist friends to see if they’d be willing to make drawings as well. The response was overwhelmingly positive — so much so that, with Sievert’s permission, Barker began a Facebook group called “Horses for Lex,” where others could share artwork and notes of encouragement. The page took off, gaining more than 2,000 likes in a matter of weeks , according to Grand Lake News.

One of the fans Lex made was a woman named Becky Anne Ross, who owns a horse named Snickerdoodle that has been around children with cerebral palsy. Ross offered to give Lex the surprise of her life by letting her keep Snickerdoodle, according to ABC Action News.

With that, Lex’s family took her on a trip from her home in Oklahoma to Florida to meet Snickerdoodle. Lex thought she was just going to ride the horse — she later learned that Snickerdoodle would be accompanying them home to provide therapy and joy for her whenever she needs it. ABC Action News captured the heartwarming moment when the stunned 7-year-old got her pony (below).

“Seeing the look on her face and knowing that she was going to be able to bring it home, it’s just unbelievable,” Lex’s mother told the outlet.

(Photo: Facebook / Horses for Lex)

(Photo: Facebook/Horses For Lex)

To make a donation to Lex and the ongoing care of her horse, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

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