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The Beautiful Reason This Son Is Giving 90% of His Paychecks to His Dad

A young man, identified in the video below as Graham, thought he had his life figured out. But news of his father’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis changed what he thought was important.

After college, Graham nabbed a job on Wall Street. When he learned that his father, Gary, would have to battle the same disease they both watched his grandfather live with, he decided to make a change.

He began a process that he calls “reverse tithing.” He now gives 90 percent of his paycheck away to making his father’s dreams come true and only keeps ten percent for himself, according to the video “I Like My Dad” (below).

I was not wanting to let my life be controlled by money,” Graham says in the clip. “One way to avoid that is to give it away.”

In an effort to give his dad as many happy memories as possible before the disease overtakes him, the two started a bucket list. So far, they’ve traveled to Costa Rica, gone to an NBA playoff game, met Gary’s favorite author in Seattle and trained to run a marathon.

According to “I Like Giving,” an organization that shares inspirational stories that promote generosity, the duo also has plans to meet actor and fellow Parkinson’s patient, Michael J. Fox.

“The bucket list has definitely changed my view on Parkinson’s,” Gary says in the video. “I’m free to dream. The golden years are actually going to be golden even though I’m fighting this disease.”

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