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Teen Invents Snap-On Underwear for People With Leg Braces

When Charlotte Robinson learned she needed to wear a leg brace for more than a year, she vowed to not let it affect the way she viewed herself and her sense of style. Now, she’s passing that confidence on to others.

The 17-year-old was born with hemangioma, a disorder that grew vascular tumors in her right tibia, according to ABC News. This condition created holes in her bones, which damaged her joints and affected her leg’s ability to grow properly. By the time she was 13, there was a 2.5-inch deficit between her left and right leg, she wrote on her blog.

To correct the problem, she underwent a surgery to install a Taylor Spatial Frame, which helped her leg grow properly. It went on her leg just before she began her first year of high school.

Robinson learned that, due to the cumbersome brace, her wardrobe would be limited to breakaway pants that basketball players wear and velcro underwear. Deeming that unacceptable for a young woman just starting high school, she began making her own clothes and underwear with easy-to-use snaps on the sides. This allowed her to remain stylish for the 13 months she had to wear her brace.

Now, she’s started a website called “No Guts, No Glory,” where women in similar situations can maintain their confidence by purchasing three different types of snap-on underwear.

“Having a frame on has its own challenges that one should not have to worry about the difficulty of clothes,” Robinson wrote on her website. “That is why I have started my own clothing line that makes changing easy.”

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