Teens With Down Syndrome Become Football Captains, and Their Reactions Are Perfect

Becoming a team captain on a high school football team may mean a lot to some, but for two Texas teens with Down syndrome, it means the world.

Austin Waters and Blake Pyron, both incoming seniors, are water boys for the Sanger High School football team in Denton County, Texas. They’ve been helping the team on the sidelines for years. Last year, they proudly led the players out of the tunnel before each game, according WFAA.

Last week, the young men were given the surprise of their lives at a school assembly when they were named honorary team captains and given personalized jerseys. The powerful moment was captured in the video below.

“It lets him know he could do anything,” Mary Ann Pyron, Blake’s mother, says in the video. “He may need a little support here and there, but he can really do anything he wants to do.”

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