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This Bakery Employs People With Special ‘Kneads’

When Tempa and Mike Kohler opened a bakery in Lawrenceville, Georgia, called “Special Kneads & Treats,” they only had their son, Bradley, in mind. Bradley is an adult with special needs. The nonprofit specialty sweets shop would give him a place to go every day, a chance to learn responsibility and a way to earn money on his own.

Soon, they realized that they could help other adults with special needs, too.

We thought, you know, there are so many more parents out there, so many more families that are facing the same thing,” Mike Kohler says in the WXIA video below. In the segment, you meet some of the nine employees with special needs who keep the bakery running.


The job opportunity also gives its employees a chance to bond and socialize.

“I love to see [Bradley] blossom and understand what it is to work with other people, because he’s never understood what a friend is,” Tempa Kohler says in the video below.

Watch the full segment here:

If you’d like to make a donation to Special Kneads & Treats, head here.

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