This Fishing Legend Can No Longer Hold a Rod. So He Found a New Passion.

Tom Morgan can no longer hold a fishing rod. Multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease, has drastically limited his mobility from the neck down. But he’s still known as a legend in the fishing world — because, with the help of his wife, Gerri, he makes what may be the best fishing rods in the country. In fact, in 2008, Forbes called Morgan “America’s greatest rod-maker.”

In the CBS Evening News segment below, Steve Hartman travels outside Bozeman, Mont., to meet Morgan and learn his full story.

“I’ve never thought about MS as holding me back from doing what I want to do,” Morgan says in the video. “Over the years I know that I’ve provided thousands of people with great enjoyment in their favorite sport. That almost brings tears to my eyes.”

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