This Woman Found a Fantastic Way to Use Her Donated Prosthetic Legs

When Lacey Phipps made the difficult decision to amputate both her legs, she hoped it would improve her quality of life. Thanks to the help of generous strangers, she was right. Now, she’s trying to give back.

Phipps, 23, spent most of her life with two clubfeet, a condition that left her in constant pain. The congenital birth defect twists feet out of position and affects one out of every 1,000 newborns, according to The Washington Post. Phipps used a wheelchair to get around.

About one year ago, she decided to have both legs removed in the hopes she’d gain the ability to walk with prosthetics. Unfortunately, Phipps’ insurance didn’t cover the cost of new legs. But just when she thought all was lost, she discovered a couple on Facebook who were looking to donate prosthetics from their clinic, according to My Fox DC.

John and Michele Hattingh run the Prosthetic Care Facility of Virginia. After hearing Phipps’ story, the two were more than happy to donate $30,000-worth of prosthetics.

(Photo: Facebook / Lacey Phipps)

With new legs and the ability to walk for the first time, Phipps has become more active, lost weight and gone off her pain medication. 

I’ve done so much in the last year that no one thought was possible,” Phipps wrote on her blog. “I’ve been whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, traveling, dancing, running, jumping and so much more! Not too bad for the kid they said would never walk!”

Phipps hasn’t forgotten that she wouldn’t be here if not for the generosity of strangers. She also never forgets that many amputees cannot afford life-changing prosthetics. That’s why she’s using her adventures to help them.

Along with Leslie Mooney, also an amputee, Phipps will bike 340 miles — from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., to raise money so more prosthetics can be donated.

“We are amputees wanting to prove that life doesn’t end after amputation and in the process help a fellow amputee regain their quality of life,” the fundraising page reads.

(Photo: Facebook / Lacey Phipps)

You can watch Phipps explain her journey in the video below and donate to her cause here. All photos via Facebook.


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