Twin Helps Brother With Cerebral Palsy Achieve Epic Feat

This is brotherhood at its best.

A man with cerebral palsy became the first with the condition to complete an Ironman triathlon, thanks to the help of his twin brother. On Sunday, 34-year-old twins Peder and Steen Mondrup completed the KMD Ironman Copenhagen challenge with a time of 15 hours, 32 minutes and 48 seconds, according to The Copenhagen Post.


The Danish twins were born in 1980, three months premature. They weighed only 1,200 grams (about 2.6 pounds) each, according to Due to a lack of oxygen during birth, Peder Mondrup was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a result, he’s been in a wheelchair his entire life.

But thanks to the help of his athletically-inclined brother, Mondrup has been all over the endurance circuit. Last year, his brother pushed him through a half-marathon. In June, the two also completed a half Ironman, a feat captured on film by videographer Brian Martin Rasmussen.

“In spite of lousy weather and a very hilly and handicap challenging run course they just kept on smiling,” Rasmussen wrote on Vimeo. “Keep doing your thing, boys!”

The duo, who named themselves “Team Tvilling” (Team Twin), culminated their physical journey together on Sunday when they took on a full Ironman, which some call the most difficult physical test in the world. Steen Mondrup towed his brother in an inflatable kayak for the 2.4-mile swimming portion and rode a bicycle with a lightweight wheelchair in front for the 112-mile cycling portion. He then pushed a similar wheelchair for the 26.2-mile run, according to The Copenhagen Post.

For the first time, I felt like the person I see myself as,” Peder Mondrup told The Local. “A regular participant instead of ’somebody in a wheelchair.’”

Mondrup is an active advocate for people with disabilities and supports many clubs and organizations devoted to giving people like him a place in the world, according to the paper.

“As we have always said, Steen got the legs and Peder got the brains,” the twins wrote on their website. “So we are the perfect combination for an athlete with iron will.”

Check out footage of the brothers’ KMD Ironman Copenhagen race in the video below.

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