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5 Reasons to Date a Special Needs Mom

There are some moms out there that likely don’t get the love, adoration and attention they deserve. They don’t get it from others, their children and certainly not themselves. When it comes to dating — and life in general — a bigger challenge than being a single mom is being a single mom to a special needs child. Many men will claim that they would never date single moms because it’s too difficult, they aren’t the one that comes first or because they don’t want a family. So for those guys here are five reasons that you should not only love a single mom, but a single mom to a special needs kid.


1. Special needs moms love unconditionally.

While most parents will love their kids to their best ability, it takes a special and strong willed-person to love unconditionally. Moms of special needs children have a hard job. On top of the regular mom duties, they often have extra appointments, their children have more deficits in things they can do, they have less time for themselves, get very little sleep and sometimes even endure physical anguish. And they still love their children with everything they have.

2. Special needs moms are superheroes. Seriously.

If you have never known a special needs mom, then their superhero status is unknown to you. Seriously, there isn’t anything they can’t do. They run on very little sleep, do better research than the FBI, have better knowledge of the legal system than most lawyers and do all of these things plus a million others all day long, every day. If you need something done, they will take care of it, if not already have it done.

3. They already know you’re needy.

Let’s face it, a partner is a bit needy. They want just as much attention as a child, they want to be fed, want to do things with you and they want you to themselves. It’s almost like having another child. A special needs mom already recognizes how much attention is needed to maintain a relationship, and they do it with ease. What’s one more thing to juggle in a day?

4. Special needs moms have their sh!t together.

While they might not be the most financially stable, have the best job or sleep all that much, they know what they want from life, they are organized and efficient, and they do most all of it without complaint. They know what is most important, and it gets done, even if they are in debt, the medical bills keep piling up and they make it by on assistance — they are making it.

5. Special needs moms love hard.

They know what it is like to feel lonely and alone most of the day. Whether their child is nonverbal, high functioning or just doesn’t socialize well, being a special needs mom is often isolating because friends and family don’t understand all that they do for their children, the sacrifices they make in their everyday life and what it’s like to have nothing and nobody for themselves at the end of the day. When it comes down to it, they are going to love hard, give you their all and do their damnedest to ensure that you feel just as loved as their kid does.

So if you don’t love a special needs mom, what are you doing? Go find one and give her a hug. Tell her thanks.

This post originally appeared on Needs More Crayons.

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