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Woman Sheds Clothes to Prove No Obstacle Has Taken Away Her Beauty

Melanie Gaydos knows beauty is a state of being.

In the video below, the young model proves that and more when she undresses while discussing her struggles as part of The What’s Underneath Project. Gaydos has ectodermal dysplasia, inherited disorders that affect hair, nails, sweat glands and teeth. She’s also lived through an alcoholic family, abuse and depression. But today, she can step in front of a camera and find strength in what she’s overcome.

“A lot of people judge me; they think I’m pretty f**king weird,” Gaydos wrote on Stylelikeu’s website. “I have thought how I would be if I was born without a cleft palate and with a full head of hair, and I think I would be really boring. Even though I’ve been through a lot, they’re my experiences, and I like where everything has brought me today.”

Watch her full interview below:

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