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3-Year-Old Golfer With One Arm Will Put Your Skills to Shame

Tommy Morrissey’s obsession with golf began at only 13 months. Now, two years later, he’s become an inspiration to all those watch him play.

Tommy, who comes from Linwood, New Jersey, can drive the ball 100 yards — an impressive feat for someone his age. His form and consistency are nearly perfect, and he does it all with just one arm.

Tommy was born with just his left arm due to a blood clot that caused his right limb to never develop, according to Fox 29 Philadelphia. That hasn’t stopped him from becoming a stellar talent.

“Tommy excels at everything he does, he’s been able to achieve tremendous goals for a child that’s facing a two-handed world as a one-handed little boy,” his father, Joe Morrissey, says in the video below.


Tommy’s parents told Golfer’s Digest that he started emulating the professional golfers he watched on TV when he was just 18 months old. They bought him a plastic set of clubs, and he spent hours hitting balls around the yard. It wasn’t long before they let him play for real.

“Most kids have stuffed animals in their cribs. Tommy slept with his golf clubs,” Marcia Lee, his mother, told Press of Atlantic City. “And it wasn’t just one club. He had eight in there.”

Tommy nicknamed himself “Nemo” after the fish with an underdeveloped fin in Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” according to Fox 29. And much like his film counterpart, he’s become an inspiration to many.

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