Cancer Patient's Jay Z Parody Puts a Spin on Chemotherapy

When a UCLA student’s education was put on hold due to a leukemia diagnosis, he decided to spend the long treatment hours making something to raise spirits and awareness.

Tom G., who declined to share his full name with the media, is a patient at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), undergoing his fourth and final round of chemotherapy. During treatments, he decided to make a cancer-themed parody of a Jay Z/Kanye West song, according to ABC News. Instead of the lyrics “ball so hard,” Tom raps “bald so hard.”

“I made this video to explain the everyday life of a cancer patient in a unique way,” Tom says in a message at the end of the below video. “So share this with your friends, and Jay Z, next time you’re in town, hopefully you can stop by and hang out.”

Take a look:

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