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Complete Strangers Got This Cancer Survivor a New Set of Teeth

via Lizbeth Hunter

Alex Hunter is no stranger to challenges. The incredible teen has beat cancer not once but twice, and still has one small battle left to fight.

Alex was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called Rhabodomyosarcoma when he was 4 years old, according to his GoFundMe page. The teen from Delano, California, beat the disease only to find out at the age of 13, he had yet another form of cancer. Alex again fought bravely, beating the Hurthle Cell Carcinoma.

Now, with two battles with cancer behind him, the 16-year-old must face another obstacle. His teeth became painful and loose because of his many radiation treatments, and so he decided to have all of them removed so he can begin the process of getting dentures. Unfortunately, while his insurance company agreed to pay for part of the oral surgery, it’s refused to cover the dentures’ cost.

The Hunter family says new dentures would be about $11,000, according to ABC 23.

“I haven’t seen him smile since he was 4 years old,” Michael Hunter, Alex’s dad, told the outlet.

The Hunter family launched a raffle fundraiser as well as the Alex Hunter Medical Fund GoFundMe page. In a little over a month, the page more than doubled the original goal of $11,000, with a total of $21,908 as of Tuesday afternoon.

“It was honestly very overwhelming,” Lizbeth Hunter, Alex’s mom, told The Mighty. “People donated in messages and emails, and they did it so quickly. We met his goal in like 20 hours. It completely blew us away.”

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via Lizbeth Hunter

Including the money from the raffle, they’ve raised around $40,000, according to Hunter. The money leftover will be put in a savings account for Alex’s future medical costs and his education. 

via Lizbeth Hunter

“He’s not going to vacation on it, he isn’t going to go get a new car. It’s for future medical expenses. ” Lizbeth Hunter told The Mighty, acknowledging that her son has had medical problems since he was 4 and could possibly have more in years to come. “As a parent, it will give me a lot of piece of mind to know he has some options. ”

Alex has already been in for the final fitting of his new chompers, thanks to the kind donations of people from all over the world.

“A lot of people say he really deserves this, but it isn’t about deserving, its more about a kid that just should have the same quality of life as anybody else,” Hunter told The Mighty. “No more, no less. Eating, having teeth that work. it’s essential and it’s a part of daily living. We just wanted him to have the quality of life that any other kid his age would have.”

From now on, this teen will have quite a lot to smile about.

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