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David Hasselhoff Makes Dream Come True for ‘Knight Rider’ Fan With Down Syndrome

You don’t need to speak Dutch to understand this adorable interaction.

A Dutch television program called “Syndroom” recently made dreams come true for a man named Twan, who has Down syndrome.

The program helps people with Down syndrome, autism and other conditions realize their aspirations, dreams and fantasies, according to a translation of their website. For Twan, it created an incredible experience from the 1980s show, “Knight Rider.” The moment was complete with a talking car and the show’s star, David Hasselhoff, who took Twan for a spin in Los Angeles.

It proved to be a moving experience for Twan — and Hasselhoff, who is visibly overcome with emotion at the 4:40 mark.

Witness the whole magical event in the video below:

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