Mother's Fantastical Photo Series Proves Her Daughter's Disability Only Adds to Her Beauty

When Holly Spring takes pictures of her 4-year-old daughter, Violet, she isn’t photographing the little girl’s disability — she’s photographing her strength and beauty.

Violet, who was born without her left hand and part of her forearm, stars in her mother’s fantastical photo series (below) to show that “there are no limits to what she can do in her life,” according to a press release.




For both of us, it was first and foremost a way for us to bond,” Spring, from New Zealand, told Mic. “For Violet, I hope that she sees herself open to endless possibilities in the future.”

Violet also lives with Hirschsprung’s disease, which affects her large intestine. As the 4-year-old prepares to start school – where she’ll meet even more obstacles – Spring plans to help her face every challenge with positivity. Hopefully, her classmates will see Violet in the same way her mother does.

I do not see my daughter as ‘disabled,’” Spring wrote in her press release. “Merely ‘differently abled.’”



All photos via Holly Spring PhotographyTo view more her whimsical work, visit her website

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