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How a Zipper Pull Is Reminding Us Not to Avoid People Who Are Different

Zip Up For Special Needs / Kickstarter

Here’s a movement we think is worth your attention.

Zip Up For Special Needs is a Kickstarter awareness campaign, created by Richard Nachum Kligman, that hopes to end the stigma surrounding people with disabilities and special needs. Instead, it celebrates bringing together people with and without disabilities — like a zipper brings together two pieces of material. Every donation of more than $3 to the campaign will earn the contributor a zipper pull, according to the Kickstarter page.

“This zipper pull will act as a reminder to you about our campaign and about how those who may look different aren’t as different as you might think,” the page reads. “And then next time instead of avoiding, you may walk over and share your smile.”

To learn more about the Zip Up For Special Needs campaign you can watch the video below. You can donate to the cause here.

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