How an Artist Made These Masterpieces Without a Pencil or Paintbrush

This artist’s work has been around for a while, but its meaning and beauty is timeless.

Paul Smith was born with spastic cerebral palsy, a disorder that made it difficult for him to use a paintbrush or pencil. But he was a natural artist who wasn’t about to let the fantastic images in his head go to waste. Until his death in 2007, Smith regularly drew keystroke-by-keystroke with a typewriter.

He used the ten symbol keys to his advantage, making pictures that are only recognizable as “typewriter art” to the keenest of eyes.

In the video above, Smith, who passed away when he was 85, describes how his artwork was often inspired by memories from his life, such as family trips. His drawings were hung on the wall of Rose Haven Nursing Center in Oregon, where he lived from the 1960s until his death, according to Live Action News.

Even after his passing, Smith’s patience and refusal to let his artistic skills go to waste can teach us all a lesson in perseverance. He’s proof that if there’s beauty in your heart, you’ll find a way to let it out.

You can check out more of Smith’s work by visiting his website and by watching the video above.

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